April is national facial protection month

Here at SuperSmile Orthodontics we recommend the use of facial protection while participating in sports. We believe in the old adage- an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. April is national facial protection month. Check out the American Association of Orthodontics web page for more information.

  • The use of a helmet is the most comprehensive protection; most athletes still wear a mouth guard under their helmet.
  • If your sport doesn't require a helmet, use a mouth guard.

Dr. Chamberlain provides inexpensive, high quality mouth guards for our patients. We can also fabricate custom mouth guards if you want a lower profile, custom fit in your own team color.

Many of you are aware that braces are securely bonded to your teeth with material similar to the filling material used by your dentist. If you experience trauma while wearing braces they may actually help hold your teeth in place due to the support of adjacent teeth. You may break a bracket and your lips will most likely become injured. Please protect your smile by wearing a mouth guard while playing sports.

If your treatment is complete and you're wearing retainers or an Invisalign patient, you will also need to protect your smile with a mouth guard.

* Below are some examples of the different types of mouth guards we offer at SuperSmile Orthodontics. Enjoy the spring sports season.

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