Easing into Orthodontic treatment. Tricks of the trade!

We would like to share some tips on finding comfort in early stages of orthodontic treatment. It's exciting, overwhelming and sore. The good news is Dr. Chamberlain and the SuperSmile staff have some tried and true tips to help you adjust to your GAC brackets or Invisalign.

First allow us to explain what you are experiencing. Your teeth have not moved since they erupted. When braces and wires are initally placed, you experience inflamation in the ligament around the teeth that are moving. That inflamation signals the body that cells need to be sent to that area to re-construct. During this process your teeth get sore and might feel a little wiggly. This lasts around 3-5 days. Visit our Life with braces page for more traditional tips.

Our bag of trick includes-

  • Eating something cold! The wires we use are a heat activated metal and cold will make them super flexible. This will give you some temporary relief.
  • Ora-gel and Sucrets have lidocaine in them and numb the soft tissues of the mouth. You can suck on a Sucrets or rub Ora-gel around your sore teeth.
  • Some people find flossing and brushing soothing.
  • Sometimes wires will get pokey as your teeth move. This means your teeth are aligning and no longer require the length of wire they once did. Sometimes wires can slip left to right as well. If this happens you can get a new pencil with an eraser on the end and gently press it against the pokey end. This will slide it back into proper position.
  • OTC pain meds are a must. Please take as recommended.
  • Wax is your best friend! Cover anything and everything thats irritating your cheek.

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