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January 22nd, 2016

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Announcing our new partner: Mindy Bean Photography

January 14th, 2016

SuperSmile Orthodontics is proud to announce our partnership with Mindy Bean Photography! Dr. Chamberlain for many years has gifted his newly debanded patient's with a photo gift certificate. We would like to invite any patient that has an unused Target photo voucher to return it to the office and we will replace it with one from Mindy Bean Photography. A beautiful healthy smile is a treasure.

What better way to celebrate your new smile than a professional sitting and portrait!

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Have you already earned a giftcard in 2016?

January 7th, 2016

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What the color of the rubber bands on your braces mean

December 28th, 2015

Regular, metal braces aren’t always a pain and hassle. They can actually be accessorized in a way to creatively express a specific style, mood, or outfit. For example, maybe you want to show your school spirit and put on rubber bands that match your school colors. Whatever the case may be, different colors can represent different things, so here’s our chart on what each rubber band color means.


You’re intense and forward thinking, and that you won’t back down no matter how big the challenge. Red is also the color of the heart, so red rubber bands indicating that you’re a caring, loving person.


Blue means you’re chill – as cool as a cucumber. You’re one cool customer, as the saying goes. You’re relaxed and calm, even when your mom says you can’t chew any gum or eat popcorn because of your braces.


Look at a traffic light and green means go, right? So you’re the type of person who’s always on the move. Go, go, go! It also means you’re generous and kind. Green is the color of nature and spring, so it says you love Mother Earth. Perhaps you even recycle. Green is the color of good luck.


You’re daring and wild, flamboyant and fun. Orange may indicate you’re an artist or a drama student. It says you have a big personality and that you don’t care what other people think about you. However, orange is also the color of balance and energy. And being flamboyant and fun takes a lot of energy!


You’re the creative type, for sure. You beat to a different drummer and think outside the box. It says you’re mysterious. Purple is the color of royalty, and when you wear your purple rubber bands you are royally cool.

Color Combinations

What if you can’t choose just one color? Well, you can decorate your teeth with alternating colors. You can choose the colors of your favorite sports team or holiday colors like red and green. If you’re still stumped as to what colors to choose, ask Dr. Brian Chamberlain or a member of our SuperSmile Orthodontics team. We can let you in on all the trends our other patients are sporting at our Las Vegas, Nevada office!

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When Should You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

December 21st, 2015

The third molars, or wisdom teeth, are teeth in the back of your mouth that have been known to cause many problems and a lot of pain. SuperSmile Orthodontics, like most dentists, would recommend removing the wisdom teeth. So you are wondering; what is the need of removing them? While it is not always necessary to take them out, oral surgery for the removal of these teeth has become a rite of passage of sorts. Interestingly, some statistics show over 10 million wisdom teeth are removed per year.

Preventative measures

Wisdom teeth are one of the many reasons to regularly visit your orthodontist. When aligned correctly, these molars are harmless and are able to correctly function in the mouth. However, when wisdom teeth are not aligned, they can cause problems with adjacent teeth and the jawbone. These issues range from fractured teeth and heavy bleeding to minor loss of jaw movement and numbness. It is imperative to remove the wisdom teeth (if misaligned) because as humans get older, the bones in the mouth become harder and it becomes difficult to remove your teeth.

When is removal necessary?

So, when should you get your wisdom teeth taken out? It is important to remove them before any damage is caused, but it is also important no to take them out too early. Well, the roots of the wisdom teeth usually form during the teenage years. Teens and young adults tend to be at their prime health stage, and are more likely to have a faster and easier recovery.  The bones surrounding the molars are usually less dense and can easily be manipulated in patients aged between 17 and 23 years as compared to patients who are aged over 30 years. Make sure you talk to your dentist before deciding if taking out your wisdom teeth is the best move.

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4 Common Dental Problems that SuperSmile Orthodontics Can Help With

December 14th, 2015

A great smile can sometimes be the best accessory someone can wear. It has the ability to create a charismatic charm on whoever gets to see it. Often times a person’s smile either build or break down their self-confidence. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses a dazzling white, straight smile.

We here at SuperSmile Orthodontics in Las Vegas aim to not only give our patients the best dental health care, but also to help with any aesthetic problems in order to achieve that perfect smile. Here are four common dental problems that our expert dentists at SuperSmile Orthodontics can aid in correcting to give you the amazing smile you deserve.

  • Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can be caused by numerous factors such as naturally setting in crooked, or eating certain foods before the teeth set. SuperSmile Orthodontics would treat this easily with either conventional metal braces, or clear braces such as Invisalign.

  • Chipped/Broken Teeth

Most of the chipped and broken teeth we’ve encountered were the result of some sort of accident. A few examples include a child’s mouth hitting something hard during sports practice. Depending on how bad the damage is, SuperSmile Orthodontics would most likely recommend veneers, crowns, or cosmetic bonding.

  • Missing Teeth

The problem with adult teeth is that once you lose it, it does not grow back. Missing teeth are definitely not appealing to the eye, and have known to cause problems when chewing and whatnot. Gaps in the mouth can usually be treated with braces and be fixed over time. Missing teeth, however, may require the use of false teeth like Lumineers.

  • Yellow or Stained Teeth

The biggest factor that contributes to the extrinsic staining and yellowing of people’s teeth is their diet. Things such as coffee, wine, soda and many other foods can stain the outer layer of the teeth called the enamel. SuperSmile Orthodontics can help with this problem with teeth cleaning, whitening, and bleaching. Be sure to always brush twice per day, every day.  Using toothpaste that specifically whitens teeth and protects enamel is recommended.

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How to Decide on Braces versus Invisalign

December 7th, 2015


There have been many strides in the field of orthodontics in the past few years and this has made the choices for getting straight teeth much more complicated. As a result, the decision on which method to choose is simply not an easy one.

* Consideration between braces vs Invisalign carries a lot of questions
* The best treatment is what you aim for whether it be Invisalign or braces
* Whatever the cost you want to ensure you make the correct choice the first time

Deciding on Adult Braces for Yourself
When you are trying to make this important decision, it is best to first consult your Las Vegas orthodontist as he or she will be the one to do the assessment that will determine which treatment would be better for your teeth. Your dental professional will advise you on the severity of your condition and depending on the length of time you are willing to invest in correcting the situation, the options of braces vs Invisalign will be discussed with you. Adult braces are thought to correct issues of bite and tooth gaps at a much faster rate than Invisalign.

* Adult braces will be affixed to the teeth by your Las Vegas orthodontist
* Severity of the condition will help determine between braces vs Invisalign
* Adult braces can correct crooked teeth, gaps and bite problems faster

Deciding on Invisalign for Your Teeth
There are other factors to consider when deciding on Invisalign. While braces may work faster there are some pit falls in using them. The metal adult braces can give the sense of having a metal mouth and even though using invisible braces can solve that problem, those invisible ones can be stained by dark foods and drink as well as the use of tobacco products.

* Invisalign is a great option for those who may not have severely crooked teeth
* Adults who want to avoid the metal mouth look can choose Invisalign
* Invisalign are affordable braces that can replace clear braces which then to be more expensive

Making that Final Call
Other factors that will help you in making your decision have to do with examining the pros an cons of each method. The ability of the braces to be fixed or removable may be important depending on your situation or personal preferences. Another factor that could be of importance to you is the fact that braces are set to fit any mouth, while the Invisalign trays would have to be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks.

* The cost for each is a deciding factor to be discussed with your medical practitioner
* Braces are used for a longer period of time than Invisalign
* Braces are usually easier to take care of during the time period they are worn

At Super Smile Orthodontics, we serve the patients in and round the Las Vegas, NV area. Visit us at our website or call our offices today.

In an effort to give people the perfect smile without breaking the bank, we’re offering a special promotion on Invisalign® for only $2997! Invisalign® If you're in the Centennial Hills, Las Vegas area, give Dr. Chamberlain a call! SuperSmile Orthodontics is located near the Montecito Marketplace.

Spit Tobacco Healthier than Cigarettes? Think Again.

November 30th, 2015

Ever hear people say, “I brush and floss more than twice per day, and my mouth is totally healthy!” as a way to justify using smokeless tobacco? People commonly believe having good oral hygiene will counter act the effects of tobacco. However, this belief is very inaccurate. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, a government agency dealing with oral health, "there is no evidence that brushing and flossing will undo the harm that dip and chew are doing to your teeth and gums."

Smokeless tobacco comes in different forms. “Snuff” is a powder form of spit tobacco. Most commonly used is “chew” tobacco. This comes in a leaf form, and can be loose, twisted, dry, or moist. Either way, it’s still tobacco.

“Smokeless tobacco” is a term that the tobacco industry prefers to use instead of “spit tobacco”. The name creates and instills the idea that spit tobacco is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. This lures consumers into buying spit tobacco. DON’T FALL FOR IT. Spit tobacco can have dramatic effects on dental and overall health.

Here are just some of things spit tobacco can lead to.

  • Cancer of the mouth

The U.S. Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, M.D., in 1986 declared that "smokeless tobacco represents a significant health risk. It is not a safe substitute for smoking cigarettes. It can cause cancer…" Since those that chew or dip leave the tobacco in their mouth for extended periods of time, usually in the same place, this can cause the gums to pull away from the tooth in that area. When the gums pull away from the tooth, sensitive tooth roots are exposed providing an access to the root for any number of problems; sensitivity, decay and infection just to name a few.

  • Sugar

Another of those problems is the side effect of the sugar contained in spit tobacco.  The longer sugar remains in the mouth the more damage it will do. The extended periods that spit tobacco remains in the mouth provide a perfect opportunity for the sugars to work on the tooth root, causing massive tooth decay. Many sports figures, as positive influences to youth, are speaking out against spit tobacco. Torii Hunter, Minnesota Twins American League winner of the Gold Glove award, six years in a row has come out strong against spit tobacco. Olympic gold medal winners, Picabo Street (alpine skiing) and Dominique Dawes (gymnastics) have lent the weight of their names to the campaign against spit tobacco along with the mega-star Jackie Chan.

If you use spit tobacco and want to quit, check out this “Quitting Guide” from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.


P.S. In an effort to give people the perfect smile without breaking the bank, we’re offering a special promotion on Invisalign® for only $2997! Invisalign® If you're in the Centennial Hills, Las Vegas area, give Dr. Chamberlain a call! SuperSmile Orthodontics is located near the Montecito Marketplace.

Braces aren’t such a bad thing - Advantages of Invisalign®

November 23rd, 2015

While at a social gathering not too long ago, a friend of mine told me his daughter might need to get braces. Naturally, he asked me how long she was going to need them, what kind she should get, and, of course, how much would it cost and will my insurance cover them?

These were all very important questions. I told him to schedule a FREE consultation with us, so I can answer him to the best of my ability.

Many people, like my friend’s daughter are skeptical when it comes to getting braces for numerous reasons such as not being able to eat certain foods, the discomfort that can come from metal, and the overall cost.  I started thinking about how SuperSmile Orthodontics could curb these reservations, and it hit me!

In an effort to give people in Las Vegas, Nevada the perfect smile without breaking the bank, we’re offering a special promotion on Invisalign® for only $2997! Invisalign® is a great alternative to regular braces, since it requires no metal wires, and you can take them out every time you eat.

These braces can cost anywhere from $5,000-8,000, so don’t miss out on this great deal. We know braces can be a scary thing for both the receiver and the person paying for them. In the end, though, a nice, straight smile is totally worth it!

Advantages of Invisalign® over traditional braces

#1. Appearance - Invisalign® Clear Braces Look Better

Invisalign® clear braces are barely noticeable.  They look very much as though the person wearing them is not wearing braces at all.  They are decidedly more attractive than metal braces. You never have to worry about being called a "brace face"!

#2. Comfort - Clear Braces Can Be Removed When Necessary

Invisalign® clear braces are removable.  If, for any reason, the wearer of teeth aligners wishes to remove them for brief periods of time (to eat or drink), he or she may easily do so.

#3. Safety - Invisalign® Clear Braces Reduce Damage to Teeth and Gums

Clear braces are smooth and comfortable. They do not include any sharp edges or protruding edges or bits. Invisalign reduces damage normally caused by wearing braces, including gum disease and cavities.

#4. Duration of Treatment - Invisalign® Clear Braces Straighten Teeth Faster

Invisalign® can take from only one year, to a year and a half to work its magic and straighten your teeth.

#5. Knowing What to Expect - There are No Surprises with Invisalign® Clear Braces

In considering Invisalign®, dental patients undergo treatment planning that is fully computerized.  Therefore, they know exactly what to expect and how long they will need the braces before they begin wearing them.

Overall, Invisalign® offers distinct advantages. They are more comfortable than metal braces, pose fewer risks to teeth and gums,  and provide beautiful smiles much faster.

Anyone considering Invisalign® should book a consultation with Super Smile Orthodontics to determine if he or she is a good candidate to wear them.

Dr. Chamberlain is committed to providing his patients with the newest, most effectiveorthodontic treatments and technology.

Since completing his formal education, he has sought state-of-the-art methods and procedures through the Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontics, the Kois Center for the Advancement of Dentistry, Invisalign® Institute, Dentox Inc., the Academy of L.D.S. Dentists, and local and national orthodontic companies and organizations. In addition, he has received training in migraines, TMJ and clenching management, Botox® administration, and facial aesthetics. He is also a certified provider of Invisalign. If you're in the Centennial Hills, Las Vegas area, give Dr. Chamberlain a call! SuperSmile Orthodontics is located near the Montecito Marketplace.

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