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June 19th, 2019

Receive a SuperSmile beach towel and a Wet n Wild Las Vegas ticket, when you start braces or Invisalign this summer!

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart! Anthony J. D'Angelo

September 28th, 2016

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart! Anthony J. D'Angelo

There are numerous benefits to straightning your teeth and making sure your bite is healthy. Socially and clinically it has improved the life of many of our patients.


It feel's good to smile! Confidence helps us to be successful in our lives. This is what Dr. Chamberlain meant when he created our mission statement. Unleash you inner smile! We show love to our friends and family with our smile. What a wonderful way to invest in your future!

Wear on teeth-

When teeth hit unevenly and slide to meet. This can cause wear facets on the enamel. The enamel is a hard outer covering of the teeth. If it wears thin, you may experience hot and cold sensitivity. It may stain easier and be more suceptiable to decay. When teeth are left in a compromised position for many years it can misshape the teeth and require extensive dental work.

Cleaning and calculus buildup-

When teeth are aligned it is easier to floss and brush. Studies have found that plaque buildup and heart disease go hand in hand. Yes, it's that important to keep your teeth and gums healthy! Why not make it easy?

Jaw Joint Health-

We use our jaw joints to speak and eat everyday. Jaw joint health is vital for a good quality of life. If your teeth do not meet in a healthy position you will compensate by using your jaw to slide forward, backward or side to side. These un-natural movements can cause inflamation and degeneration of the joint. The pain can be severe.

Spaces or drifting teeth-

Do you have areas that catch food? By closing spaces with Braces or Invisalign, you can improve your gum health. If you are missing a tooth, we sometimes see teeth drifting into that space. When this happens it makes it hard for your dentist to replace the missing tooth. It may even harm the bone supporting the adjacent teeth.


Improving the alignment of teeth will improve speech.

Creating Smiles With Indoor Fun!

July 28th, 2016

Living in the Northwest Las Vegas area, we experience cabin fever in the months of July-August due to the heat. We see it in our patients and siblings. Little people bouncing off the walls cause they are stuck indoors. Dr. Chamberlain wanted to share some fun activities to do as a family. Smiles are our business after all. You can pick many of these ingredients at the Michaels in Centennial Hills or the Smiths right by our office. If you take advantage of these activities please tag us on Instagram #supersmilevegas or Facebook @SuperSmile Orthodontics.

How to make a bouncy ball by 36th Avenue as found on Pinterest!

How to make Kool-Aid rock candy! Thank you Snippets of Design.

Water bottle wind spirals! Found via Pinterest on CBC.ca

SuperSmile- Makes You GLO!

June 24th, 2016

We would like to introduce GLO Science whitening. It's the newest innovation in whitening. With almost immediate results, zero sensitivity and options that are fully customizable for your individual needs. Here at SuperSmile Orthodontics we are interested in MORE than just straight teeth! After all our motto is "Unleash your inner smile".  Dr. Chamberlain strives to provide his patients with the latest and greatest products.

Today is the perfect day to GLO! This product is nothing short of amazing. We know this because we have tried it ourselves. If you have never whitened before, we recommend the in office Complete Professional GLO System. It has been reported that patients have whitened up to 5 shades in one session. Included in the Complete Professional GLO System:

▪   A SuperSmile in office professional GLO session

▪   1 GLO mouthpiece (FYI: if you want to share your system, you can buy an additional mouthpiece)

▪   1 GLO whitening unit

▪   6 vials of GLO To Go (approx. 3 uses each)

Warning: serious fun was had during this training session

Doc's ready to GLO-

Dr. Chamberlain getting his GLO on-

After three-8 minute GLO sessions-

If you have professionally whitened in the past we recommend the GLO To Go System. This system includes the GLO mouthpiece, the GLO whitening unit and 6 vials of GLO To Go (approx. 3 uses each).

A big thanks to Angel our treatment coordinator and Michelle our assistant for testing GLO To Go-