Modern orthodontic treatments are surprisingly robust, in both options and availability. This means that most patients have a number of choices to make when deciding which treatment option they would like to pursue.

One of the more popular treatments available in most orthodontic and general dental offices is the clear aligner. Coming in many brands or even as an unbranded standard version, clear aligners are a series of plastic trays designed to correct the position of your teeth over time. They are completely removeable for ease of use and are often available for both teens and adults.

However, like with many other products, no two clear aligner treatments are alike. At SuperSmile Orthodontics, we use Invisalign® clear aligners over generic aligners for our patients.

Why Choose Invisalign Over Other Options?

  • Quality – As a brand, Invisalign clear aligners are known to use excellent materials and precise manufacturing.
  • Customization – Invisalign clear aligners are created completely through digital imaging software. This means that your treatment is customized to you. Every successive aligner in your set is designed to move your teeth with precision and accuracy.
  • Comfort – Since the aligners are customized to you, you can expect a more comfortable, seamless fit, making wearing them a simple, easy affair.
  • Cross Compatibility – Because invisalign clear aligners are a tied and true product, they provide predictable outcomes, with digital software that anticipates patients’ needs. This includes compatibility with other dental treatments, like those that need to close space in an arch.

Ultimately, choosing the right orthodontic treatment is up to you. Dr. Brian Chamberlain is happy to help guide you towards the best option for your needs and invites you to ask questions about Invisalign clear aligners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Schedule a one-on-one visit with our experienced orthodontist today by calling us at 702-645-5100.

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