6 Signs Your Child Could Need Braces

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See the Orthodontist by Age 7
Don’t Wait Til 8

1. Baby Teeth that fall out too early or too late

Baby teeth that fall out prematurely or too late can cause permanent teeth to come in unevenly. Orthodontists are trained to recognize and address the problems that arise in these situations.

2. Pain while Biting or Chewing

Pain while teething is normal, but pain while biting or chewing is not. This pain can indicate there are jaw or bite problems that should be addressed. Orthodontic treatment can usually correct these issues.

3. Mouth Breathing 

Does your child habitually breathe through their mouth? Do they have that little line across their nose or snore at night? We are designed to breathe through our noses. Mouth breathing could be a sign that there is an underlying health issue that should be addressed. Believe it or not, mouth breathing can lead to orthodontic issues. In many instances a child will require expansion of their palate, along with braces, due to the underdevelopment of the maxilla, or upper jaw, as a result of mouth breathing. Orthodontists are trained to recognize and address the problems that arise with mouth breathing.

4. Shifting or Clicking of the Jaw

Normal and healthy movement of your jaw should not cause any pain or noise. An uneven bite can cause the lower jaw to shift which can cause pain and, ultimately, orthodontic issues.  Sometimes orthodontic treatment is required to correct this condition.

5. Frequent Biting of the Cheek(s)

A misaligned bite (malocclusion), overcrowding and crooked teeth are some of the issues that can interfere with normal chewing and cause someone to bite their cheek. Completing orthodontic treatment can often correct this situation.

6. Facial Imbalance

The lower part of your face is partially defined by the underlying teeth and jaws. When teeth are crooked and/or the jaw is imbalanced, this can result in facial asymmetry. Orthodontists are experts in evaluating the relationship between the teeth, jaws, and the face. When balance is restored, the face looks healthier and more full, boosting confidence.

7. Don’t wait until 8!

Waiting until your child has all their permanent teeth may do more harm than good. Dr. Chamberlain and the American Association of Orthodontists recommend that children have an orthodontic evaluation by age 7.  Join our kids program, K-9 Club, by visiting our office for a free consultation. Click link for appointment request.