Our Las Vegas orthodontist and team, along with the American Association of Orthodontists®, recommend that children receive their initial orthodontic screening by age 7. By this age, children have developed enough that orthodontic problems can be easily diagnosed and treated. Early interceptive treatment can often reduce or entirely eliminate a number of future problems, including:

  • Jaw misalignment and TMJ disorders
  • Finger sucking, tongue thrusting and other harmful oral habits
  • Trauma from protruding front teeth
  • Airway issues
  • Speech issues

Other benefits of early treatment include:

  • Guiding children’s teeth and jaws into the correct positions as they develop
  • Providing more space for crowded or unerupted teeth
  • Improving facial symmetry
  • Reducing the need for future tooth extractions
  • Reducing overall treatment time in the future
  • Promoting a healthy and well-balanced smile that will boost your child’s self-esteem
  • Providing better results for your child than what could be achieved by only undergoing treatments when they are older

Early orthodontic treatment goes beyond just straightening teeth; it sets the stage for lifelong oral health and confidence. By starting early, we leverage your child’s growth to guide their dental development efficiently. This approach reduces the need for more complex treatments later, ensuring a smoother journey to a healthy, confident smile. At SuperSmile Orthodontics, our goal is to provide care that addresses both present and future needs, promoting well-being and self-esteem through a beautiful smile.

Early Treatment Planning

During your child’s initial orthodontic screening, Dr. Brian Chamberlain will determine whether orthodontic treatment is needed, and if so, when it should begin. If your child requires early treatment, we will discuss their options with you and create a personalized treatment plan to help them achieve the best possible results from their care.

If you have any questions about early orthodontic treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada, or to make an appointment, call SuperSmile Orthodontics today at 702-645-5100!


FAQs About Early Orthodontics

What is Early Orthodontics?

Early orthodontics, also known as interceptive treatment, targets the early identification and correction of orthodontic issues in children, typically aged 7 to 11, promoting healthier teeth alignment and jaw development.

Why is Early Orthodontics important?

Initiating orthodontic intervention at an early stage is essential for directing appropriate jaw development and ensuring sufficient room for emerging permanent teeth. Early identification and management of conditions like overcrowding, misalignment, or jaw irregularities can avert more complex orthodontic issues later on.

How do I know if my child needs Early Orthodontic treatment?

If you notice signs such as crowded or misplaced teeth, difficulty chewing or biting, early or late loss of baby teeth, thumb sucking, or shifting of the jaw when your child opens or closes their mouth, it may be time to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist.

Why choose our orthodontic practice in Las Vegas, NV for Early Orthodontics?

Our team of experienced orthodontists in Las Vegas, NV specializes in early orthodontic treatment, using advanced techniques and technology to provide personalized care for your child. By addressing orthodontic issues early, we aim to not only enhance your child’s smile but also promote long-term dental health.

Ready to give your child the gift of a healthy, beautiful smile? Schedule a consultation with our expert orthodontists in Las Vegas, NV today and take the first step towards a lifetime of confident smiles.