Dr. Brian Chamberlain and our team are always up front with our patients about treatment costs. Though exact numbers may change depending on your orthodontic case and needs, many services have a base starting price, which we feature here for your convenience.

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Early Orthodontics:

Orthodontic intervention starts in elementary school. This allows our orthodontist to guide your child’s teeth as they grow, helping their smile stay on track for adult tooth eruption and later, proper adult occlusion (bite).

  • Treatment usually lasts around 12 months and starts at $1,950.

Typical Teen Orthodontics

Traditional orthodontic treatment can begin as early as 6th grade and aims to promote brilliant adult smiles.

  • Treatment can be completed in less than 24 months, with either braces or clear aligners. Starting price is $3,750.

Adult Orthodontics

Adult treatment is usually used for fine tuning, mostly on the front teeth if prior teeth correction has relapsed or if you have never received orthodontic care.

  • Most adults opt to have clear aligners, with around 10 sets, which treatment lasts around 6 months. Starting price is only $1,650 per arch.

Payment Estimator

If you are lucky enough to have insurance that will help with payment of your orthodontic treatment, we are happy to bill them for you. We also offer interest-free financing through Orthobanc for those who do not have insurance or to help with the remaining out-of-pocket portion. Start at SuperSmile Orthodontics with traditional braces or clear aligners for as low as $250 down. See the Payment Estimator below.

Case Cost


Insurance Coverage


Down Payment




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